ECFA Newsletter #3  (Summer 2019) 

The process of updating the European Strategy for Particle Physics is in full swing. The joint ECFA-EPS session organised at the occasion of the EPS-HEP conference in Ghent (Belgium) on 13 July 2019 was an important moment to further the discussion. The newsletter reports on the status of the process.
September 2019


First JENAS event (14-16 October 2019)

With a view on exploring synergies in research and organisation, the European communities of particle, nuclear and astroparticle physics participate for the first time in a joint three-day seminar with more than 200 participants. The Joint ECFA-NuPECC-ApPEC Seminar is organized on 14-16 October 2019 at Orsay (France) by ApPEC, ECFA and NuPECC together with LAL, IPNO, IRFU and LPNHE. The event is webcasted for which you find more information at .
1 October 2019


ECFA Newsletter #2 (Winter 2018) 

Following the Plenary ECFA meeting of 15-16 November 2018, in the ECFA Newsletter we report on the topics discussed. Amongst others we have the outcome of the ECFA study on the recognition of individual achievements in large collaborations, and the ECFA survey of detector R&D. With comprehensive overviews on accelerators R&D we aim to inform the community as well on the work done toward potentially future colliders inside and outside Europe. Those with at least a CERN lightweight account have an opportunity to receive automatically the ECFA Newsletters that will appear twice per year. Under "Member" you can add yourself via the following link: .
23 January 2019


ECFA Detector Panel Report

The ECFA Detector Panel compiled a document summarizing the findings of the survey on Detector R&D conducted over the summer of 2018, concluding with recommendations concerning future developments. The document was submitted as input to the European Particle Physics Strategy Update.
20 December 2018


Results of the ECFA survey on the recognition of individual achievements in large collaborations

The results of the recent ECFA survey on the recognition of individual achievements in large scientific collaboration discussed at the latest Plenary ECFA meeting are available at this weblink.
19 November 2018


ECFA Newsletter #1 (Summer 2018)

During the Plenary ECFA meeting at ALBA (Barcelona, Spain) several topics were discussed. With the aim to inform the community a newsletter is created overviewing the outcome of the meeting.
26 September 2018


ECFA Survey on Recognition of Individual Achievements in Large Collaborations

ECFA created a working group to examine the recognition of individual achievements in large scientific collaborations. Based on feedback from an initial survey of the leaders of 29 CERN-based or CERN-recognised experiments in particle, nuclear, astroparticle and astrophysics, ECFA found that the community is ready to engage in dialogue on this topic and receptive to potential recommendations. In response, ECFA has launched a community-wide survey to verify how individual researchers perceive the systems put in place to recognise their achievements. The deadline for responses is 26 October 2018.

26 September 2018


Open Plenary ECFA meeting at CERN  -  15-16 November 2018

On Thursday, 15 November, the full morning will be devoted to a workshop to disseminate the results of the ECFA survey on the recognition of individual achievements in large collaborations. The afternoon session will start with the brief standing items of Plenary ECFA, followed by a 1.5-day session including comprehensive overviews of all of the main future collider projects in and beyond Europe and related accelerator technologies. The venue will be the main auditorium at CERN. The auditorium will be open to the community, with reserved seats for registered ECFA members. The presentations will be webcast and the recordings shared with the community.

26 September 2018

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