Welcome to ECFA

The European Committee for Future Accelerators was set up at the beginning of 1963 on the initiative of Prof. Weisskopf, then Director-General of CERN and of Prof. Powell, Chair of the CERN Scientific Policy Committee.

Chairpersons and Secretaries of ECFA

ECFA consists of Plenary ECFA, Restricted ECFA, Chair and Secretary and permanent or ad hoc working groups.

Plenary ECFA:

Plenary ECFA decides on all ECFA activities, appoints the Chair and Secretary, approves the final reports of the working groups and terminates their activities, decides on admission of new observers, and makes recommendations to outside organizations. Plenary ECFA appoints members for a total maximum period of six years after nomination by their country. While the members so chosen should be able to represent the views of the high-energy physics community of their country, they are members of Plenary ECFA as individuals. Plenary ECFA normally holds two meetings per year. Meetings are public unless otherwise decided.

Plenary ECFA Members

Restricted ECFA:

Restricted ECFA is composed of one member per country, appointed for at most two three-year periods. Restricted ECFA assists and advises the Chair and the Secretary in the current running of ECFA, and acts as the communication channel to each participating country, its physics community and national institutes and authorities.

Meetings and locations