ECFA Training Panel (Collot et al.)


The conclusions of the detector R&D roadmap document explicitly stress the need to train and maintain a work force in instrumentation for particle physics, targeting, with the highest priority, graduate students and Early Career Researchers (ECR). One of the two “Detector Community Themes” (DCTs) that emerged from the deliberations of the training task force (TF9), calls for the creation of a dedicated panel in this area under the auspices of ECFA, in consultation with organizations or communities representing neighboring disciplines and ICFA.

The role of this coordination panel is primarily be to enhance the synergies between existing training programs and stimulate the creation of complementary ones where relevant, in particular multidisciplinary schools or academia-industry-joined training programs. The second equally important DCT sets out as a goal the creation of a European master's degree program in HEP instrumentation. Coordination and setting up this program is also a responsibility of the panel. 

During the roadmap process it was realized that there was a mutual interest to also involve training in accelerators and to support cross-disciplinary activities with this area. As a result, the recommendations state that the same panel should also coordinate the synergies between HEP instrumentation and accelerator training provision. 

Johann Collot Co-chair, ECFA Detector Panel
Erika Garutti Co-chair, ECFA Detector Panel
Robert Appleby ECFA accelerators 
Richard Brenner ECFA particle physics
Paola Gianotti NuPECC
Claire Gwenlan ECFA particle physics
Armin Ilg ECFA ECR panel
Paolo Martinengo ECFA particle physics
Elias Metral ECFA accelerators 
Ian Shipsey ICFA 
Niels van Bakel ECFA particle physics APPEC
Paris Sphicas ECFA Chair
Patricia Conde Muíño  ECFA Scientific Secretary

More information on the panel activities can be found here