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Open Plenary ECFA meeting (19-20 Nov 2020)

Open sessions of Plenary ECFA will be held on 19-20 November 2020 in virtual mode. The meeting is open for all to participate and together with reports on future colliders and collider technologies, it will include a special session on gamma-factories.

November 2020


ECFA Early-Career Researcher Panel

Following the productive debate ECFA organised in November 2019 in the context of the European Strategy for Particle Physics among about 180 early-career researchers, the creation of a permanent ECFA Early-Career Researcher (ECR) Panel was initiated. The objective of the ECR Panel is for its members, PhD students and postdocs in ECFA countries, to discuss all aspects that contribute in a broad sense to the future of the research field of particle physics. The mandate is available on the ECFA website. At this stage, members of Restricted ECFA are instructed to seek first members of the panel aiming for endorsement at the upcoming Plenary ECFA meeting of 19-20 November 2020.

September 2020


ECFA Newsletter #5 (Summer 2020) is out

On 13 July 2020, we welcomed ECFA members for our first meeting after the update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics and our first ever Plenary ECFA meeting held entirely by videoconference. In this newsletter, you will find reports on the talks presented including some announcements in response to the updated strategy, as well as two dedicated articles on important activities related to accelerator R&D and future colliders.

August 2020