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JENAS: call for Expressions-of-Interest

The JENAS2019 event at Orsay allowed astroparticle, nuclear and particle physics researchers to sniffle into each other’s activities. The identified overlapping challenges might transform via joint programs into stronger opportunities to further our understanding of both the smallest and the largest structures in nature. With a view to further explore topical synergies a call for Expressions-of-Interest has been issued.


Early Career Researchers debate the European Strategy for Particle Physics
(15 Nov 2019)

With the input from the Physics Briefing Book due by the end of September, the next step in the European Strategy process is to define some overall long-term scenarios, keeping an eye on evolutions in the global landscape, and to discuss within the European Strategy Group (ESG) their scientific coverage, feasibility and community support. Given the long-term impact of these strategic choices, ECFA is organising a full-day event in the Main Auditorium at CERN on 15 November 2019, to enable early-career researchers to debate the Strategy. Participation in the meeting will be limited to invited early-career researchers (see ECFA Newsletter #3). Both PhD students and postdocs active in particle physics and/or adjacent fields are eligible. After the event, the early-career researchers will be mandated to deliver a brief document overviewing their thoughts on the Strategy. There will be no need to reach a consensus on all aspects, but the document must cover all the topics that were discussed during the meeting. The ECFA Chair will bring this document to the attention of the ESG.


Open Plenary ECFA meeting (14 Nov 2019)

A full-day open session of Plenary ECFA will be held on 14 November 2019 in the Council Chamber at CERN. The session is open for all to participate with seats reserved for registered ECFA members and will revolve around novel accelerator technologies: towards colliders using plasma wakefield acceleration, towards colliders with muons and towards high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets. The presentations will be webcasted and the recordings shared with the community.


ECFA Newsletter #3 (Summer 2019) is out

The process of updating the European Strategy for Particle Physics is in full swing. The joint ECFA-EPS session organised at the occasion of the EPS-HEP conference in Ghent (Belgium) on 13 July 2019 was an important moment to further the discussion. The newsletter reports on the status of the process.
September 2019