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ECFA statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a terrible attack on peace, freedom and a breach of the laws of nations, leading to unimaginable suffering of the Ukrainian population and losses of life. 
We believe in peaceful collaboration of scientists from all nations and reject any violence to achieve political goals. We express our solidarity with all people suffering from this war.
Ukraine is an Associate Member State of CERN and thereby one of the member countries in ECFA. Ukrainian and Russian scientists cooperate in many projects with scientists from other European countries in ECFA and from the rest of the world.
Particle physics - and CERN in particular - have set a prime example for successful international cooperation in science and for bringing nations and people together. We hold up to these values. However, given the severity of the aggression, no new cooperation agreements with Russia should be made. 


ECFA Newsletter #8 (Winter 2021) 

The ECFA Winter Newsletter, reporting on the full-day open session of Plenary ECFA, held at CERN and via Zoom on the 19th of November 2021, has been released.

December 2021

ECFA Detector Research and Development Roadmap

In the 2020 Update of the European Strategy for Particle Physics, ECFA was mandated to develop a roadmap to balance R&D efforts in Europe, to identify and describe a diversified R&D portfolio that has the largest potential to enhance performance of the particle physics programme in the near and long term. After an extensive expert and community consultation phase the final roadmap was approved by Plenary ECFA in November 2021 and presented to CERN Council in December.

Overall it was very well received, the great value of the roadmap in documenting the status of the field as well as the needs for the future were stressed and the recommendations were supported. It was also stressed that the next important step is the implementation.

The final Roadmap Document as well as a short Synopsis Document are available under this link:

The ECFA Newsletter 7 is out!

The preparation of the Accelerator and Detector R&D Roadmaps is in full swing. The joint ECFA-EPS session organised at the occasion of the EPS-HEP conference, held online on 30 July 2021, was an important moment to further the discussion. The newsletter reports on the status of these roadmaps, on the recently approved FCC feasibility study and on ongoing Joint ECFA-NuPECC and APPEC activities. 

Professor Patricia Conde Muino elected as the new ECFA Secretary

During its plenary meeting on 23 July, Patricia Conde Muino (LIP Lisbon) was appointed as the next Secretary of ECFA, the European Committee for Future Accelerators. For the period from July 2021 to December 2023 she will support the ECFA Chair Karl Jakobs in the day-to-day running of the ECFA activities.

July 2021

Professor Karl Jakobs elected as the new ECFA chair

During its plenary meeting on 19 November, the election of Karl Jakobs (University of Freiburg) was endorsed as the next chairperson of ECFA, the European Committee for Future Accelerators. On 1 January 2021 he takes over from Jorgen D’Hondt (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) for a mandate of three years.

December 2020