ECFA Study on Higgs / EW / Top factories

Based on the recommendations of the European Strategy for Particle Physics Update, the European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) has launched a series of workshops on physics studies, experiment design, and detector technologies towards a future electron-positron Higgs/EW/Top factory. The aim is to bring together the efforts of various e+e- projects, to share challenges and expertise, to explore synergies, and to respond coherently to this high-priority strategy item.

To set up the relevant structures and to define a path towards such workshops, an International Advisory Committee (IAC) was formed, which established three Working Groups led by conveners from both experiment and theory: 

WG 1: Physics Potential
Conveners: Jorge de Blas (Univ. Granada), Patrick Koppenburg (Nikhef), Jenny List (DESY) and Fabio Maltoni (UC Louvain / Bologna)

WG 2: Physics Analysis Methods 
Conveners: Patrizia Azzi (INFN-Padova / CERN), Fulvio Piccinini (INFN Pavia) and Dirk Zerwas (IJCLab/DMLab)

WG 3: Detector R&D
Conveners: Mary Cruz Fouz (CIEMAT Madrid), Giovanni Marchiori (APC Paris) and Felix Sefkow (DESY) 

More information on meetings and activities can be found here.