Timetable 2021

Depending on the evolution of COVID-19 pandemic across Europe and in consultation with the relevant RECFA delegates, currently the 2021 slots keep the initial sequence planned in 2020.

RECFA Country visits - updated planning
(depending on Covid-19 pandemic developments)
10-11 September 2021
8-9 October 2021  postponed
5-6 November 2021 3-4 December 2021
Restricted ECFA
Video only
Friday, 12 March (a.m.)  
Restricted ECFA
Video only
Friday, 28 May (a.m.)  
Plenary ECFA
Restricted ECFA (video only)
Friday, 23 July  
EPS Conference (video) 26-30 July
(includes PECFA and RECFA meetings)
Plenary and Restricted ECFA
Thursday, 18 November
Friday, 19 November